If an acquaintance meant to be polite, they’d probably call Martin something like “headstrong” or “strong-willed.” Not that he cared. “Didn’t have a place in this world,” according to him. Let’s just say Martin was “obstinate.” Friends and family called him other things. Their favorite words [...]

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The sands were a river of fire under our shoes, its grains slow cooking us for the birds. Vultures above circled on wings of doom, carried by the exhaust of our vapid breathing. A gust kicked up sand and it lashed the arm I threw up to shield my face. Not far behind me, Gary […]

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To Catch the Sun

Grandma’s death was a long, drawn out affair, and rather violent by the end. “Damn you!” She’d scream. “If I could move I’d smite you down to hell, Devil!” She clocked me a couple times when I would move her around the house, just me and no one else. Thankfully, her strength was locked at […]

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Go Fish

Dennis spread the deck across the table, paused, and scooped it back up with one hand. He shuffled the cards like a casino ace. “One more game?” I caught myself reaching for a water bottle with my stump and rubbed it against my forehead instead. Dennis didn’t seem to notice, or hid it really [...]

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Metal Detectors

Blank clouds chased the sun over the horizon and barbed wire loomed above me like a judge delivering a death sentence. My fingers hooked into the rusty chain linked fence until they burned and my forehead pressed so hard it left lines. Carlos and Alex stood behind me. I was too scared to look [...]

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The club radiated with a pulse as hard as a drummer beating against my bones. Never had a night felt as alive as this. The possibilities felt endless, I could even see myself with a girl. Pathetic isn’t it? I tried not to give it much thought. I can’t afford to lose this positive train. […]

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